Hair Coloring: a Young Woman Warns Against the Risk of Allergy

For several days, Estelle has published impressive photographs of her deformed face, allergic to PPD, a substance found in many hair colors.

Painting your hair is not always safe for your health. Estelle was a 19-year-old student living in Vitry-sur-Seine (Val-de-Marne). Shortly after, after drying herself in the hair, the young woman developed a strong allergic reaction that, as reported by Le Parisien, deformed her face, distorting her face. His misfortune is due to parafenylene diamine (PPD), a molecule found in almost all hair colors, which can cause 2% to 3% allergy.

Estelle begins in November when Estelle Decided to go to coffee from her blonde. It takes a colorant at the supermarket and begins by performing the dermatological test that comes with the product. However, the time specified in the note is not respectful: 48 hours instead of waiting, the young woman only after 30 minutes to apply the colors of her hair. “I made a mistake,” Parisian said. “I want to tell others: Don’t do it like me! Please do the test.”

After applying the dye, Estelle begins to feel intense itching. His face begins to swell. After a few days, the young woman is unrecognizable. “I had a light bulb head,” she says. Despite taking antihistamines for the first time, her mother will have to take her to the emergency room. During the Journey the heart of the young woman accelerates, her tongue swells and she has difficulty breathing. The doctors will hospitalize her for the night. It will still have to wait a few days before she finds a normal face.

An allergy for life

In terms of the number of people exposed, side effects are fortunately rare, “says Pr Annick Barbaud, head of the department of dermatology and allergology at Tenon Hospital (AP-HP).” The reaction suffered by the Young Woman is a classic allergy to PPD, which can be complicated by angioedema (swelling of the skin and mucous membranes, Ed.). This can cause difficulty swallowing and shortness of breath temporarily. But to date, deaths with hair dyes containing PPD have never been reported. ”

For Estelle, it is no longer about using colorations that contain PPD. “After a first allergy to PPD, desensitization is not possible, allergy is for life,” says Professor Barbaud. So what products do you favor when you want to dye your hair? “For black spots, there are few alternatives to products that contain PPD,” says the doctor. “In addition, many herbal products also contain PPD. For people who are not allergic, these colors can be used safely, as long as you follow the instructions for use.

According to the doctor, allergic people who want to dye their hair should use a professional hairdresser that uses natural pigments in powder.

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