Trump says he could withdraw accreditations to more journalists

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – US President Donald Trump warned on Friday that he could remove journalists from several White House reporters after receiving a CNN reporter and insulting two other reporters in the midst of his tensions. With the press.

“There may be others,” Trump told reporters.

The White House announced Wednesday that it had suspended the provision authorizing the journalist Jim Acosta, a journalist who played several roles with the arrival of an asset and that the same day had been an uncomfortable quarrel with the president at the time. ‘a press conference.

When asked if he intended to quickly restore confidence, Trump said he did not make the decision, criticizing the journalist.

Press Committee defends CNN reporter against Trump
CPJ asked the White House to restore the powers of journalist Jim Acosta

“I think Jim Acosta is a very professional man and you can pay for it, I did the same thing with me or with (former US President) Ronald Reagan, I do not think anyone wishes, but he has a very high tone, The President.

“If they see him interacting with Sarah Huckabee Sanders (White House spokeswoman), it’s shameful.”

Trump also attacked April Ryan, a reporter for American American Radio and CNN, who has been covering US presidents for 20 years. Sanders had a lot of friction with them.

“It’s the same with April Ryan, and we’re talking about someone who is a loser, he does not know what the heck does, we took a lift and I think with CNN, but it’s very disgusting,” said the president.

“You must treat the president’s office with respect.”

In addition, he insulted another CNN journalist, Abby Philip, when I asked him if he intended to exercise control over the prosecutor investigating the Russian conspiracy, Robert Mueller, in order to instruct the new Attorney General of his office, Matt Whitaker, who oversees the investigation.

White House stops counting on CNN reporter

The critic Jim Acosta played in an episode with Trump and tried to pick up the microphone violently from a colleague

Trump told the reporter, “What a stupid question, I see you often and I ask you a lot of stupid questions.”

CNN defended Philip, saying in a statement that he had asked “the most relevant questions of the day” and that Trump’s insults were “not new”.

The White House justified the withdrawal of its Acosta accreditation because it “got its hands on” a colleague who tried to take the microphone at a press conference, which the journalist claims to be a “lie”.

According to the experts of the video editor, manipulating the White House images that have spread on the Internet for the journalist Fata in his fight with a colleague seems more violent.

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