What to Eat to Boost your Brain?

And if the secret of better eating did not come from the stomach … but from our head? This is the object of the book Know your brain for better eating , published by Belin under the direction of Jean-Michel Lecerf, head of the nutrition department of the Pasteur Institute of Lille. Some practical tips from this reading.

You have to eat to be able to work well

A job – even intellectual – without eating? Bad idea. It is also necessary to feed our brain which, in an adult, uses 20% of the total energy of our organism! It even burns 120 grams of pure glucose a day …

To be concentrated, we can absorb sugars such as candies, energy bars or honey which, circulating in the blood, will stimulate the body for short periods of time.

For prolonged mental efforts, slow sugars from pasta, pulses, fresh vegetables, and low-sugar fruits (such as apples), which provide constant energy to the brain, are better choices.

Eating chocolate is good for morale

We often hear this phrase to get rid of the sin of gluttony: eating chocolate would make you happy. True or false ? The authors of Knowing his brain for better eating devote a whole chapter. Conclusion: this food, which is one of the most caloric, has an influence on the mood. It’s good taste, combined with its fat and carbohydrate content, that “make it good for morale” . “Sweet fat”has an antistress effect “that stimulates the cerebral system of opioids (the natural analogues of morphine), which promotes the secretion of endorphins, responsible for pleasure . ” Yum !

Eat tryptophanes!

Much less known than chocolate, tryptophan. And yet, a deficiency of tryptophan can lead to depression. This essential amino acid is the main constituent of the neurotransmitter serotonin. He plays on mental balance and well-being. It is found in particular in peanuts, lentils and cheese.

Oats, an ideal food for my brain

If he had retained an ideal food for the brain, it would be the  oats. The authors describe it as ”  the ideal brain food, rich in vitamin B, magnesium, various amino acids” and slow sugars. Know also that nuts are welcome with their B vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Do not forget to drink regularly: priority to water and unsweetened infusions made from herbs and fruits.

Every food has its use for the brain

It is finally what one retains from reading Know your brain to eat better  : each food, by what it contains, has virtues for our brain. Caffeine, at moderate doses, will increase the concentration and memorization abilities by dilating the vessels; sprouts of wheat and poppy, via zinc, have similar virtues; dairy products, but also broccoli, will promote the transmission of information via calcium; cereal products give energy via magnesium; fish and spinach make up our cell membranes viaunsaturated fatty acids; egg yolks, meat and yeast are important for the memory and biosynthesis of cell membranes, etc.

Dieting with its neurons

If the general diet does not work in general, it is because the brain is not solicited enough in the process. When you eat too much a lunch, normally, the following days, the hypothalamus must do its work and regulate the next meals. In case of weight gain, it is important to analyze personally and precisely things, indicate the authors. Why do I have to lose weight? Why did I get fat? And to lose weight, there are sometimes simple prerequisites: limit the food available in the fridge, favor smaller food packages, do not think that organic and local mean less caloric, engage in physical activity, in short, arbitrations that come from the … brain.

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