What is Wild Yam Extract ? How Does Work

Wild yam background and benefits

Wild yam is the common name of Dioscorea villosa, a flowering plant that grows in eastern North America. It is a strong plant in area 6 and it grows abundantly in a wide range of soils, which include sand, clay, and mud. Wild yam is also very tolerant to soil pH, from acid to alkaline. It requires at least partial suns and prefers moist soil. The most likely places to find the wild yam are the boundaries of marshes, marshes, and swamps.

The wild yam is a tuberous vine that can be about 10 feet long. The flowers usually bloom at the beginning of autumn, depending on the latitude. This species is bisexual, which means that each individual plant only has flowers of a genius. Wild yam requires plants of both sexes to produce seeds.

The first commercial use of wild yam is in dietary supplements for health. Roots and bulbs are the most important part of the plant, which is harvested in the autumn before the plant begins to grow. The roots are usually dried and ground into powder, which is used to prepare the extract. The most active part of this extract is diosgenin, which is classified chemically as steroid soaps. Diosgenin can be used directly as a health supplement, but it can also act as an introductory step for steroid hormones such as dehydro (DHEA) and estrogen.

Diosgenin appears to show estrogen-like activity, which means that it can be a natural replacement for estrogen. The wildest yam uses the female reproductive system.

Use Wild Yam

The management of support for menopause is one of the most common applications of wild yam extract. Additional applications include support for bone health, healthy cholesterol control, and stress management.

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